4 Benefits Of Using Organic Fertilizers On Your Lawn!

Who doesn't love the look and feel of a soft, velvety green expanse of lawn? Many consumers, however, are concerned that the upkeep would involve more time and effort that they have to spare, while others dislike the idea of using chemically based fertilizers and pesticides in order to maintain pristine perfection in a lawn. Fortunately, however, using organic fertilizer is an excellent way to have a lovely lawn that's both low maintenance and chemical free. Following are just four of the advantages to feeding your lawn with organic fertilizers. 

Your Lawn Grass Will Be Healthier

Organic lawn products feature important nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus that are released slowly into the soil after application. These nutrients combine to create strong individual grass plants that will resist disease and adverse environmental conditions. Stronger, more fibrous root systems discourage weed growth, and you won't be left with unsightly bare patches in your lawn. Also, healthy grass doesn't need applications of pesticides and herbicides in order to remain in top condition. 

Your Lawn Grass Will Be Safer for Your Family and Pets 

Few things feel better than lush, green lawn under your bare feet -- until those tender soles start to itch and sting as a result of exposure to lawn chemicals! Children love to roll and play in the grass, but it may not be safe for them to do so. Pets in particular may be in danger of ingesting lawn chemicals because they tend to clean their feet by licking them, and some dogs and cats have a tendency to eat grass. 

Your Soil Will Have Healthy Levels of Microbes

Organic fertilizers contain compounds that promote the growth of soil microbes, creating a biologically active soil rather than a dead zone filled with chemical additives and little else. These microbes work beneath the surface of the soil to keep soil nutrient levels high and to prevent the soil from becoming overly impacted by promoting optimal aeration. 

Your Groundwater Won't Be Polluted By Organic Fertilizer 

The chemicals used in synthetic fertilizers and pesticides end up your groundwater, and this can damage your community's drinking supply as well as create adverse environmental conditions for area fish and wildlife, including earthworm populations that are responsible for keeping soil oxygen levels high. Biodegradable organic fertilizers will simply be incorporated into the soil and become part of it instead of leaching into the groundwater. 

To purchase organic fertilizer for your lawn, contact a company like Nature Safe.