Five Little-Known Facts About Sod

If you are interested in getting into the sod growing and harvesting business, then you are probably doing all the research you can to figure out as much as you can about this industry. By now, you can probably consider yourself an expert on all things sod in regard to how the growing and harvesting process works, but there may still be some information you haven't learned yet. Here are five interesting, little-known facts about sod that may assist you in the process of growing it, caring for it, and harvesting it, or that may just add to your repertoire of knowledge about it: Read More 

Ways In Which Organic Farmers Can Utilize Propane Gas

Propane has had a big impact on agriculture in general, since it's economical and has a wide variety of uses. But for organic farms in particular, propane can be a more environmentally friendly option that helps farmers maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of their operation. It has been approved as a clean, alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act and can be more effective than chemicals in many cases. Here are some of the many ways organic farmers are utilizing propane: Read More