How to Store Your Grass Seed

If your line of work is in the agricultural industry, there is a good chance that you use grass seed on a regular basis. And, fortunately for you, you can often get really good deals on wholesale grass seed. However, you may be hesitant to take advantage of these deals since it typically means you will have a large bulk of grass seed, probably more than you can use in a short amount of time. As such, not wanting the seed to go to waste, you may end up buying smaller, non-wholesale amounts and thus paying more than you really should. There is a solution to this problem, though. If you educate yourself on how to properly store grass seed, you can buy wholesale and get great prices without any worry about waste.

Store in Breathable Material

One of the first things that you should know about storing grass seed is that it needs to be stored in breathable material. This type of material will allow air to circulate around the seed and help to keep it fresh. Good circulation will also keep mold from developing and destroying the seed.

There are many good breathable materials to choose from, including special packaging made specifically just for storing grass seed. Some very affordable options also include burlap or lightweight linen.

Rodent-Proof It

One of the major concerns with keeping grass seed safe is keeping it protected from rodents. Rats and mice love to chew on grass seed, as do squirrels and other pests.

For this reason, you'll want to purchase a rodent-proof container. You can then place your grass seed, ideally already stored in the aforementioned breathable material, into the container for "double protection" against critters.

Make Use of Silica Gel

Another thing you have to be wary of if you want to keep your grass seed nice and fresh is moisture. Too much moisture can absolutely ruin seeds and may even cause them to sprout while still in storage, which is the last thing that you want.

Moisture can also lead to mold growth as well. In addition to keeping your seeds in a dry area, you can also add in a silica packet or two. The silica will act as a desiccant and help to soak up any moisture that does happen to accidentally come into contact with your seeds.

As you can see, it is very possible to keep grass seed fresh and safe. You simply have to follow these useful tips!