Five Little-Known Facts About Sod

If you are interested in getting into the sod growing and harvesting business, then you are probably doing all the research you can to figure out as much as you can about this industry. By now, you can probably consider yourself an expert on all things sod in regard to how the growing and harvesting process works, but there may still be some information you haven't learned yet. Here are five interesting, little-known facts about sod that may assist you in the process of growing it, caring for it, and harvesting it, or that may just add to your repertoire of knowledge about it:

1. Sod Doesn't Get As Hot As Other Surfaces

People who use sod, especially turf, in areas where it gets really hot will benefit from its temperature-resistant properties. While it will still get hot, it won't hold the heat like other surfaces do, so people can sit down on it or even touch it without fear of burning themselves. How can you be sure of this? Well, statistics suggest that sod surfaces are several times cooler than asphalt and bare soil.

2. Turf is Good for the Environment

Every living thing needs oxygen, and sod helps produce more of that oxygen than anyone would normally get. When turf is used in an area, polluting chemicals are absorbed into the turf and converted into oxygen so that the plants in the area around the turf can breathe and thrive. As the plants breathe and thrive, they also produce more oxygen and carbon dioxide so that humans can continue to breathe healthfully.

3. Turf Reduces the Spread of Fire

If you have a business established in an area where there are lots of fires each year, you may be able to protect your business by installing turf around the building. There simply isn't as much in this grass to burn as there is in ordinary grass, so flames will burn much more slowly than they would out in the forest or in heavily-wooded areas. As long as you maintain the turf around your building properly, the likelihood of fire in that area will be greatly reduced.

4. Sod Grasses Reduce Injuries to Athletes

Sod grass often gets turned into turf when it is produced, and this turf then gets laid down on football and soccer fields, and even golf courses. Because of the way that turf is constructed, players can grip the ground better with their feet as they move. There is also a sort of cushioning effect produced by sod, so if someone falls down on it, their odds of being injured are much less than they would be on grass, dust, or some other surface.

5. Sod Reduces Noise

If you or your neighbors want to live in a community with minimal noise, you can install sod around the houses in the area instead of traditional grass. Sod has special properties in it that greatly reduce noise, so sounds won't carry as far as they normally do. Therefore, even if there are noisy, rambunctious children in the area, a quiet night at home is still possible when they are playing on a sod surface lawn.

Sod is a great thing with many benefits to the environment and to people in general. Not many people know about the sod facts mentioned above, but now you do, and you can use that information to help yourself and others now or later on down the road. Visit a sod vendor like California Sod Center today for more information.